Welcome to Danbee

Empowering Girls for the 21st Century!

Dear Families,

We are proud of our intentional community that values people and empowers girls. This has become Danbee’s greatest legacy. Our high return rate of campers affirms our successful integration of these values by connecting campers to our philosophy. Sweating the details and communicating with parents is something we value in our work with Danbee families.

If you are seeking an empowering experience for your daughter, you should join us in the Berkshires. Our team is committed in a most intentional way to teach and role model 21st Century skills for our campers.

Today’s Danbee is one that encourages girls to become their “best selves.” Our summer community both values people and empowers girls….A powerful and “winning” combination for growth.

As always, Danbee’s program is rooted in a daily commitment to Community Service. Our children can choose to participate in service work every day. Danbee espouses a philosophy that encourages kids to value gratefulness and service. This is a world-view that they will take home with them and act on outside of camp. Danbee encourages girls to face the world in a caring, connected and unpretentious way.

Call us with questions or to set up a home visit to talk camp on a more personal level.  Thanks for considering Danbee for your daughter.


Jay Toporoff