Welcome to Danbee

Empowering Girls to take on the world!

Dear Families,

Founded in 1950, Danbee is a summer home for girls, rich in tradition and dedicated to fostering empowerment throughout our community. 

At Danbee, it’s all about the people and creating life-long friendships. Our girls develop and grow while in an environment focused on kindness and gratitude, trying new things, and exuding The Danbee Spirit. Our goal is for our campers to become their “best selves” by learning to communicate and collaborate effectively and accepting each other for being their unique selves.

We intentionally integrate these values into our day-to-day life at camp. Our high return rate is a testament to our success in connecting our campers to these values. We sweat the details! We strongly believe that partnering with our families and keeping communication a top priority has allowed us to maintain the success of the Danbee community. 

The goal of Danbee’s program is to provide our girls with life skills they will take home with them, and it is rooted in a commitment to Community Service. Danbee embraces a philosophy that encourages our girls to value gratefulness and service and keeps our community grounded. Exposure is key with our youngest Danbee girls! They will have the opportunity to participate in everything from The Arts to Waterfront, Athletics to Outdoor Aventure, and more! As your camper grows, she has more choice in her schedule and can fill her days with all her favorite camp activities.

We, as Directors, are passionate about Danbee’s mission of empowering our girls to be their best selves. With a combined 75 years of camp experience, as a team, we help provide Danbee girls with a safe and nurturing environment where each individual can grow and create lasting friendships and memories! Located in the Berkshires, on beautiful Lake Ashmere, our girls come together each summer and leave, not just as friends, but as sisters and calling Danbee home. 

Call us with questions or to set up a home visit to talk camp on a more personal level.  Thank you for considering Danbee for your daughter.


Annie Copp, Zach Aronson, and Mark Toporoff