Community Service Commitment

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world…” – Anne Frank

At Danbee we care about others, so we provide opportunities each summer where our girls can demonstrate their commitment to better the world through volunteer work projects. Our campers have banked hundreds of community service hours in an effort to “give back” to society.

Working in small teams our girls have volunteered their time and effort on numerous projects over the past several summers. Their unselfish hard work is noted, appreciated and celebrated by those who have been touched with their “acts of kindness.”

Community Service and Volunteer Projects have included:

Camp Sea Stars North

A free sleepaway camp for kids impacted by the events of 12/14 in Newtown/Sandy Hook, CT.

Our Danbee girls help us prepare for a five day residential camp for healing for the kids of Newtown/Sandy Hook. Our girls make welcome signs for each camper who attends Seas Stars North. Our commitment to assisting communities who have experienced a tragedy continues with this trauma-informed week of camp for a group of grateful and deserving children.

America’s Camp

A free sleepaway camp for kids impacted by 9/11

Danbee was one of the proud founders of America’s Camp – a one week, free of charge, summer camp experience for children who lost a parent on 9/11 – which ran for 10 years. Danbee girls volunteered their time each summer to make welcome signs, to prepare goody bags, and to assist Danbee’s volunteer staff members with other preparations for America’s Camp. Former campers attended America’s Camp serving as CIT’s and Junior Program Staff, while many Danbee staff members volunteered as program and bunk counselors for the week.

Painting the Town of Peru Library

The town of Peru, Danbee’s hometown, has a public library that was built in the late 1700’s. It was in need of a facelift and the town was trying to figure out how to accomplish this effort in light of financial constraints that prevented them from honoring this landmark. Danbee campers came to the rescue!! Danbee girls scraped and painted this historically significant structure, bringing it back to its original glory and allowing another generation of Peru’s residents to enjoy and celebrate the town’s oldest and most prized building.

Swim-a-Thon for Camp Champions – New England

Danbee campers participate annually in a fund raising swim-a-thon for the kids of New England who can’t afford to attend summer camp. Through our campers’ efforts hundreds of worthy children have been able to experience all the fun and friendship of a sleepaway camp experience.

Mural Project

Childhood cancer impacted one of our own from the Danbee community. Out of this struggle, the concept for a collaborative mural, a testament of personal strength and drive, was born. Our girls created a mural to be displayed in the Hassenfeld Children’s Center for Cancer in New York City. Girls were each given a tile to paint and when all the pieces were assembled together, it depicted a beautiful scene of our lake. Danbee’s lake scene is displayed as a soothing image for children and young adults who are receiving treatment at the hospital.

Hearts of Hope and Hearts for Heroes

Danbee has teamed up with a project called Hearts of Hope/Hearts for Heroes that distributes painted ceramic hearts accompanied with messages of hope to inspire people who are struggling. Danbee girls decorate hearts for people who have lost a loved one to cancer, as well as, for people who are currently serving or retired from the military. Not only do we decorate the hearts, but we now create the ceramic hearts in our Pottery program. The hearts made at Danbee are then distributed by Hearts of Hope to be decorated by other groups who want to participate.

Blankets of Hope

To aid our soldiers overseas, our Danbee girls make fleece Blankets of Hope. These blankets are distributed to soldiers who are recovering from battle and they are embossed with messages of hope, expressing love and gratitude for their service.

Community Service at Danbee… A “not so” random act of kindness!!!