Singing songs ’round the campfire….. Welcome to our “Danbeewonderland.”

Camping and Hiking

Giving campers an appreciation of the outdoors and a chance to try a s’more around a campfire is part of our memory building plan at Danbee. Sleeping by the lake in an authentic teepee, cooking dinner, singing songs and sharing stories around the campfire are highlights of the summer. Traditional camp values and experiences with nature combine to give Danbee girls an appreciation of the importance of conservancy, outdoor living and bonding friendships.

Nature Program

Our 250 acre facility offers campers a chance to hike, explore a stream, collect berries or simply slow down and admire the rustic and peaceful nature of Lake Ashmere. Holding a salamander or spotting a owl is the best part of our hiking and camping program. The Nature program gives campers an appreciation of the outdoors and allows them to simply enjoy the natural surroundings that Camp Danbee has to offer.