Our Philosophy

Resilience, Grit, and Empowerment

At Camp Danbee for Girls there is no mistaking the underlying philosophy – we are a place where girls can be their best selves. A daily reminder of that greets the girls as they enter the dining hall for each meal and see the big blue sign proclaiming, “Dance like no one is watching.”

An all-girl camp experience allows girls to thrive without the pressures of life in a coed crucible. Campers learn to communicate and trust each other. They make connections, build relationships, hone life skills, develop self-esteem and confidence. “Girl Power” encourages a “Yes I Can!” attitude. When there is no glass ceiling and the sky in the limit, all things are possible.

That philosophy and attitude is evident in every aspect of camp life. At Danbee, it is called “Girl Power.” Spread your wings, try new things, push your comfort zone. As a traditional summer camp program, the girls are surrounded by a continuous string of opportunities for that to happen. Staff are trained to find teachable moments that encourage campers to stretch themselves. In programs or in the cabins, the campers are challenged to build a set of life skills that will enhance their ability to be successful down the road.

Danbee is all about empowering our girls to be their “best selves.” Everything we do is designed to help campers learn to successfully navigate life and community. Having fun, making friends, gaining skills are all part of the Danbee philosophy that screams “Girl Power.”

Helping our campers to become more resilient in dealing with life’s challenges is threaded into all we do. In addition to all the opportunities our program offers girls to grow, we help them build social skills and personal grit as they learn to master all the teachable moments that arise in a group setting. What a great combination of outcomes for every girl to learn.

Danbee campers thrive, grow and learn how to:

  • Unplug and have “live” interactions in the “real world” with “real people” and successfully navigate the unpredictable “world of girls” through authentic communication and compromise.
  • Become Resilient by learning to overcome obstacles, advocating for them themselves and realizing that failure sets the stage for success.
  • Learn Empathy in an intentional “other-centered” community that helps break the cycle of bullying.
  • Discover Independence, becoming more comfortable making decisions for themselves and understanding consequences.
  • See a world beyond themselves through ongoing opportunities to volunteer for Community Service.

Inspired by the American Camp Association’s alignment with the Partnership for the 21st Century Learning, another equally important component of Camp Danbee’s philosophy is the integration of 21st century skills training into its overall strategy. This encompasses such things as communication, cooperation, collaboration and compromise.

Camper Empowerment Forums

At Danbee, girls have multiple opportunities to discuss empowerment and the path to being resilient, and having grit when facing life’s challenges. At past forums, their wisdom was profound and demonstrated that Danbee girls “get it” when it comes to “Girl Power.” Here are some of their insights:

“Empowerment relates to taking risks and showing people you’re not afraid and learning from mistakes, It’s a matter of not giving up” – Dylan B.

“It means holding your ground and standing by your convictions, being confident in yourself.” – Hailey F.

“Empowerment relates to the people around you, how you make them feel.” – Star K.

“Ultimately, empowerment comes from within.” – Kayla S.

“If you don’t push yourself, you will never experience new things.” – Ariana R.

Danbee girls know their bonds at camp have encouraged them to spread their wings, to find their own voice and to become their “best selves.”

Parent Testimonials

Parent of a 7 year camper:

I had a great feeling about Danbee from the moment we first toured. The camp has really far exceeded all our expectations.  I don’t know where to start.  The great staff, the beautiful facilities, and the wide range of activities are all wonderful but it is something intangible that makes Danbee so special.  Our daughter has been given a home away from home and a group of friends who I am sure will be present at her wedding.  In addition, the messages she has received about personal empowerment, positive interactions with others and giving back to the community have been internalized and will serve her well, long after she has forgotten how to water ski.  I think you run an amazing camp but I think you go above and beyond what a camp is expected to provide and really give these girls a foundation for a wonderful life.  So thank you for providing something so special to our girls.  I hope she will one day know the joy of sending her own daughter to Danbee.

– Susannah R. (Boca Raton, FL)

Parent of a new camper:

After reading over the camp website all winter, watching the camp videos, and meeting with Jay at our house in Atlanta, we knew that Danbee was going to be a great fit for our daughter.  What we didn’t know was that all of our hopes and expectations would be surpassed.  She had the absolute best summer of her life.  The girls in her bunk and in the entire camp were kind and considerate.  The counselors were absolutely incredible, and the leadership was truly inspirational.  Our daughter especially  loved the soccer coaches, soccer tournaments, basketball, water sports, tennis, wood working and the food.  She made amazing friendships that we know will last a lifetime.  She came home confident, clean, fit, and genuinely happy.  Her stories about camp continue to put a smile on her face and ours.   

You do great work.  Thanks for making Camp Danbee’s experience so awesome.

– Jeffrey M. (Atlanta, GA)