Journalism and Media

The Danbee Journalism and Media Program emphasizes creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. We borrow the quote, “Tell me a story!”, from Don Hewitt, the legendary founder of CBS “60 Minutes”. The program provides the opportunity for “our correspondents” to practice and expand upon their writing and communication skills. Girls learn to prepare for and conduct an interview, research information, take notes and construct a well thought-out article. The focus is on storytelling and creativity. Stories can be told in different ways — through the written word in an article 0r in the form of a poem. Stories can be told through photo essays or through a series of illustrations. The goal is to provide a creative outlet for the girls to tell a story.

Campers’ stories will be published in the camp newspaper THE BEELINE, the online camper blog for day-to-day happenings/thoughts, and the online magazine website –, giving parents and campers an opportunity to witness all the greatness they create every day in the Journalism and Media Program. So sit back, relax, and read all you like because the Danbee media girls are here to “tell you a story”!

Empowerment Project;
“Girl Power” – A Special Report

In this Special Edition of Beeline, the camp newspaper, the Danbee Journalism and Media staff chose some amazing women whom have overcome obstacles, persevered and become very successful in their chosen fields of work. The camper reporters then set out on a journey to find out what makes these empowered women so successful. Their work and their findings are incredible.

Here is a link to our Beeline Project entitled: “Girl Power” – A Special Report:

View Report 2017

View Report 2016