Team Sports

Participation in team sports at Danbee gives campers a chance to improve their athletic skills while learning to work together as part of a team. Staff specialists work with each camper to achieve their individual goals on the field. The emphasis at Danbee is always on skill development and participation. Classes teach the fundamentals, and each period ends with some type of game situation that allows campers to try out their newly learned skill or tactic. Danbee instructors come to camp with previous teaching and participation experience in their sport of choice.

Danbee campers who want a bit more game-specific practice can participate in a variety of intra-and inter-camp games and tournaments. No one is ever “cut” from a Danbee team which allows girls of all abilities the chance for real game situations. The more passionate team sports enthusiasts can sign up for advanced classes and specialty clinics for higher level training and more intensive conditioning. Danbee Advanced Classes are a must for the aspiring high school or travel team athlete.

This combination of class teaching, scrimmages, leagues, and inter-camp play facilitate the personal growth and individual skill of each Danbee athlete.

Team sports at Danbee include:

  • Basketball
  • Field Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Volleyball

Team Sports at Danbee provide campers with the building blocks and quality instruction necessary to inspire them for further participation in recreational and traveling teams at home.

The only question is… When does it start??!! It’s time to “Pony Up” with Danbee Team Sports.