Danbee has options…Which is right for you?!

Why a Full-Season Camp Experience?

  • Total Immersion in an intentional girl-centered community for 7 weeks provides unique opportunities for profound growth to occur. Personal outcomes are measurable for parents and are reflected in rave reviews by our families.
  • Increase Athletic and Creative Skills when they are mentored and encouraged by experienced coaches and artists to practice, play, experiment and create.
  • Develop Life-Long, Authentic Relationships with other campers and extraordinary counselors who serve as role models of character, confidence and ethics.
  • Discover Their True-Selves, see the value of their unique talents and come to realize their true potential.
  • Develop 21st Century Skills to develop a toolbox full of strategies that will enable them to cope, be flexible, and ultimately to become happy, productive adults.

What about a Short-Season Camp Experience?

Campers experience all the spirit, camaraderie and personal growth that Danbee is known for in a more condensed sampling of planned program alternatives. We offer all the quality and excitement of a full-season program in a smaller sampling. We bunk based on a camper’s length of stay within the age group to allow for a smooth and seamless transition for our short-season girls.

“Danbee in 4” or “Danbee in 3” are perfect for:

  • First-time campers who want to ease into the summer.
  • Families who want a quality comprehensive camp program but have other summer obligations.
  • Campers experience the magic of Danbee while learning to take on the world with confidence, poise and passion.