Discovery Weekend

July 30 – August 1, 2021

Three Days of Danbee – A great intro to sleepaway camp designed for girls planning to attend Danbee in the future!

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An excellent jumping off point for a future Danbee Girl is Discovery Weekend, available to girls finishing 1st through 5th grades who are interested in attending sleep away camp for the following summer.

Discovery Campers experience a balanced and structured program that allows them to enjoy a wide range of activities. This program includes but certainly is not limited to: sports, lake activities, swimming, art, dance, gymnastics and traditional camp events. Campfires and ropes activities give campers a taste of the bonding that girls do at camp as they learn to trust each other and create life long friendships.

Discovery Weekend takes place while camp is in session. Girls are housed in a separate cabin and are supervised by experienced Danbee staff members.